Welcome Message

Welcome to the 14th APCDM in 2018

 As you realize, especially in Asia-Pacific regions, the number of disasters and their victims has increased in both natural and man-made disasters including Complex Humanitarian Emergencies and terrors. I wish mankind could contribute to its complete prevention, but unfortunately it has been far from realization. On that pessimistic premise, it would be the responsibility for the professionals in medicine and health science to prepare for the better response in case of disasters as much as possible from peaceful time.

 The 14th APCDM in 2018 has been set at Seaside Hotel Miako Villa in Kobe, Japan, that is located near the epicenter of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, which devastated my hometown, Kobe in 1995. This catastrophe triggered the establishment of Hyogo Emergency Medical Center that hosts the APCDM 2018.
The main theme of the APCDM2018 is “Building Bridges for Disaster Preparedness and Response”. Each country has different systems for disaster medical management in different social background. However, I believe we could share the knowledge and experiences across borders, with no regards to nationality, races, ages, genders, religions, occupations, and so forth.

 Let us gather in Kobe to discuss how to build the bridges together as many as possible, envisioning the bright future of the planet earth. See you in Kobe!


 Asia Pacific Conference on Disaster Medicine(APCDM)は、1988年第1回大会が大阪で開催されたのを皮切りに、海外と日本で交互に開催され、今回第14回を神戸の地で開催させていただく運びとなりました。



 メインテーマは「Building Bridges for Disaster Preparedness and Response」です。
 災害発生時に被災地との間はもちろんのこと、平時からも国境を越え、人種、性別、年齢、信仰や職種を問わず、幾重にも「Bridge/橋」を架けることができるのではないか?そんな思いからこんなテーマを掲げてみました。自然災害に加え、人間が引き起こす戦争・テロなどの人的災害や難民問題などのComplex Humanitarian Emergenciesも増加する一途のこの地球…医療分野はもちろんのこと、幅広い分野・職種の方々にご出席いただき、さまざまな角度からの発信やアピールを行ってこの学会を成功裡に導きたく考えております。皆様のご参加、お待ちしております。

Shinichi NAKAYAMA, M.D., Ph.D.
(Hyogo Emergency Medical Center)
組織委員会 組織委員長 (大会長) 中山 伸一
(兵庫県災害医療センター センター長)
Shinichi NAKAYAMA, M.D., Ph.D.