※ Allotted Time  Oral Presentation: 8 min. for presentation and 4 min. for QA
  Panel Discussion(PD2 and PD3): 8 min. for presentation and the rest of times will be discussion time
  Poster Presentation: 3 min. for presentation and 3 min. for QA / Posted for 2 days

※ 発表時間  口頭発表:プレゼンテーション8分・質疑応答4分
  パネルディスカッション (PD2及びPD3):プレゼンテーション各自8分、その後ディスカッション

Request to Speakers

Main Speakers

  • Presidential Address:
    Dr. Shinichi Nakayama (Congress President, Japan)
  • Keynote Lecture:
    Dr. Paul Farrell (Canada)
  • Keynote Lecture:
    Prof. Yasuhiro Yamamoto (President of APCDM, Japan)
  • Special Lecture:
    Dr. S.W.A. Gunn (Honorary President of APCDM, Switzerland)
  • Special Lecture:
    Dr. Ernest Yeoh (Malaysia)
  • Special Lecture:
    Dr. Kang Hyun Lee (Korea)
  • Special Lecture:
    Prof. Frank Archer (Australia)
  • Keynote Lecture (07):
    Dr. Tomer Simon (Israel)
    "Rumor has it" - rumors during terrorist attacks and the role of emergency responders"
  • Keynote Lecture (011):
    Dr. Odeda Benin Goren (Israel)
  • WHO Kobe Research Center Forum
    Global Action for Scientific Evidence Improvement in Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Managiment
    - Expected Contribution from Asia and Pacific Region - :
    Dr. Ryoma Kayano (WHO), Sarah Louise Barber (WHO), Dr. Jonathan Abrahams (WHO), Dr. Virginia Murray (UK), Dr. Emily Ying Yang Chan (Hong Kong),Professor Teodoro J. Herbosa (Philippines), Dr Tatsuhiko Kubo (Japan), Dr Phumin Silapunt (Thailand), Dr. Tatsuro Kai (Japan), Dr. Yasuhiro Otomo (Japan), Dr. Michiko Watari (Japan), Dr. Toshiyuki Ojima (Japan), Dr. Shinichi Egawa (Japan), Dr. Yoshiharu Kim(Japan), Dr Melissa Genereux (Canada), Prof. Sonoe Mashino (Japan), Dr. Yosuke Takada (Japan), Dr. Heather Papowitz (WHO), Dr. Nilesh Buddh (WHO)
  • JICA and WHO Expert Meeting:
    All the panelists and speakers of WKC Forum and ARCH Project, ASEC, AHA Center
  • ARCH Project:
    Dr. Phumin Silapunt (Thailand), Dr. Alisa Yanasan (Thailand), Dr. Nguyen Nhu Lam (Viet Nam), Dr. Janice Palad Feliciano (Philippines), Dr. Maria Suleiman (Malaysia), Dr. Arifin Sudirman Maraudi (Indonesia), Dr. Kanin Keeratipongpaiboon (Thailand), Mr. Yosuke Takada (Japan)
  • SIP Symposium - Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP)of Japan-:
    Prof. Muneo Hori, Mr. Yuichiro Usuda, Dr. Hisayoshi Kondo, Dr. Yasuhiro Kanatani, Ms. Fuhsing Lee
  • Symposium - Mega National Disaster and Maternal & Child Health:
    Prof. Horami Yoshida (Japan), Prof. Kayako Sakisaka (Japan), Mr. Hideaki Sakamoto (Japan), Ms. Ai Tashiro (Japan), Ms. Naomi Ito (Japan)
  • 国際災害医療県民フォーラム~神戸・ひょうごから世界に向けて~
  • Luncheon Session:
    Dr. Takashi Shibata (Japan)
  • Luncheon Session:
    Dr. M. Wayne Greene (Canada)
  • Luncheon Session:
    Dr. Naoto Morimura (Japan)
  • Luncheon Session:
    Dr. Pertti J. Hakkinen (USA)

Program Contents